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I've been painting in beast mode for weeks now in preparation for two shows this month. All the while, life is happening and there has been so much on my plate that my head spins. So, this past Sunday, I gave myself an afternoon off and walked around South Philly with my friend Deb. I came across the above scene at the corner of my friend's street. Gentrification. Gotta love it. Everywhere I turn these days, it seems like corners and houses and buildings are being torn down in order to build more condos and strip malls. I'm really a bit old school and I admit, moving to a remote piece of land in Montana sounds more and more inviting to me. Walking around the city made me realize how much I miss taking photographs. There is so much out there in everyday life that brings inspiration to me: the colors, the patterns, the textures, words, and numbers. I'm getting back to that, I've decided. Adventures and lazy road trips are making a comeback in my world. Even if it's just one day a week. My soul needs to wander and explore. Stay tuned...

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