A few of my favorite things

I'm back in my studio going full steam ahead. I'm feeling so grateful for the abundance of creative ideas that never seem to run out. When the creative well is overflowing, I'm a very happy camper. This morning as I sit here waiting for paint to dry, I find myself thinking about a few things that are my current favorites.

1. Patchouli soap by Nether Providence Soap Company. I've come to love handmade soap. It feels good on my skin and I can actually pronounce the simple ingredients. Saarene Panossian makes amazing natural products for the body, bath, and home. The patchouli scent lingers on my skin. It is subtle and not overpowering. I love it. And she's local to me. Bonus.

2. Saarene strikes again with this Burlap and Bean Barrel Aged Coffee Lip Balm. Oh. My. God. I just open the top and inhale and I am in my instant happy place. Soft as butter. Delicious.

3. A friend gave me this LAB candle recently. Damn. This is one perfect candle. The way I see it, scented candles come in two categories: they either smell so strong that they drive you out of the room with a migraine OR the delicious scent isn't even detectable once the candle is lit. This LAB candle is the bomb. It has the perfect light scent that transports me to my zen place every single time.

4. Vinyl. Yes, I'm an ancient dinosaur or that's probably what my kids would call me. I've got a portable record player in my studio that sits on top of a vintage record player stand that I found years ago at an outdoor flea market for 7 bucks. Its got those awesome wide slots to store and alphabetize all of my old albums. I love the scratch of the needle going across the grooves. I love that albums bring me right back to my teenage years. Currently spinning Rickie Lee Jones: Pirate. Dance party in the studio.

5. I am totally loving this Spanish wine from Bodego Aizapurua. My boss got quite a few cases of it and gave me a few, which I've been hoarding and savoring on these gorgeous summer nights.

6. Cardboard. This is my new favorite surface to paint on. Why not recycle all of those cardboard boxes that Amazon so kindly delivers? It's easy to cut, has nice imperfections, and there is so much to be had. All I have to do is open my door on trash day and there are piles of it at the end of my neighbors driveways. Surf boards and little pink houses for you and me.

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