Journal page: courage

Journal page

I decided to start doing daily journal pages again. Back in May, I was working like a mad woman preparing for two back to back shows in June. For the past three years now, I have been immersed in what I refer to as my signature style of painting. These paintings have been such an amazing gift. Each and every one came to my mind like a snapshot. I already knew every color, every pattern, every line before my paint even hit the paper. It felt kind of extraordinary when a complete picture would come because I really never knew when it would happen. Sometimes I'd be driving or making a meal when all of the sudden, BAM, the idea arrived and I would get my sketch book and capture every detail so that I could manifest it later once I got to my studio.

So, fast forward to now. My shows have been hung. I've sold a few pieces and it's time to make more. Simple right? Not so much. The past six months or so have been challenging on so many levels. I am absolutely certain that the universe has shaken my tree so that I may grow and dive in to a whole new way of living. It's a scary process and, at the same time, very exciting. Recently, I've been feeling stressed and I've allowed my mind to go spinning in some unpleasant places. Maybe my mind is filled with so much now that the ideas that used to come in abundance are hiding out in the weeds until I've arrived at a new place. Who can say, really. I am diving in now. It is essential that I show up every day and make some art. I want to shake up the way I paint and create. I am playing, exploring, and discovering new techniques. The journal pages are a fantastic way to explore because I'm starting with a blank page with absolutely NO IDEA about what will end up there. I approach the blank paper in the state of just being in the moment. Somehow I just know that some really good work is coming.

Damn, I love how art imitates life.

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