Daily Life in Photos: snapshot #1

Since the last time I wrote here, I started a new job. It's been about 2 months now. My job is a physically demanding one. Most mornings I'm up at 4 AM and hitting the ground running. After a fast moving day on my feet, I especially look forward to a routine I've established. When I get home, I take a hot shower, do some yoga stretching, and head to my little sanctuary with a book and a cup of green tea. I love to relax for about a half hour or so. Stacks of good books. Clean sheets with a cool breeze coming through the window. Little reminders of my daughter on shelves. This is my happy place when I need to get quiet and decompress a little bit.

This is also my daughter's room, which I kind of took over when she left for college last year on the west coast. I thought being an empty nester would be a thrill of a lifetime but I was wrong. I miss my kids. Every. Single. Day. At work, I'm like the den mother. I'm the oldest one there. A few are just at the beginning of motherhood. I don't want to be THAT woman who reminisces about how fast the time goes. But it is true...you never realize how much more time you wish you could go back and capture until you turn around and they are no longer here. I'm so damn busy but I still think of them all the time in a million different ways. I think that, no matter where I would live, I would always carve out a special little spot like this to reflect, unwind, and feel them here with me.

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