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Yesterday, we took the dogs for a long walk at a local trail. I'm in the habit of being on the lookout for beautiful and moving things wherever I go. My first glimpse of beauty was a gorgeous azalea bush in full bloom. It's that time of year here when all of the flowering trees and bushes are blooming. No matter what my frame of mind is, I can't help but immerse myself in the beauty of the bright colors.

The second thing that moved me so much happened when we found a park bench with a wooden box attached to the underside of the bench. In the box was a note pad and pen for people to write messages. I was really moved when I randomly flipped to a page dated April 1, 2023:

Beautiful day! I'm in a wheelchair. Wish I could walk.

Just a short simple sentence that left me knowing how much I take for granted so much of the time. And then it got me thinking even deeper about how many people in this world have full use of their bodies and also take it for granted. Think about this:

If we have full use of our legs, we can walk everywhere but are we going anywhere with them?

If we have full use of our eyes, we are able to look but are we really seeing?

If we have full use of our ears, we hear things but are we really listening?

If we have full use of our taste are we really being present and savoring our food?

I'm striving this week to pay attention to all the happenings around me; to appreciate the beauty I see, the ways in which I am able to move my body, all the sounds and conversations, and the taste of every bite of food I eat. I'm surrendering to all that I have no control over and appreciating the presence of the day that is granted to me.

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