About Jane Rourke

Jane earned her BFA from Villanova University.  She's been a creative soul for as long as she can remember.  As a little girl, her bedroom was her creative club house where she would create  things and daydream for hours and hours. As an adult, she still loves to get lost in her studio.  She is a maker of far too many things to list here but painting is the one medium that really captures her essence.  For Jane, painting is the vehicle for personal freedom, exploration, and healing. There is no greater feeling than being able to convey her internal world through her paintings.  


Jane has a passion for combining recognizable images with bright colors, patterns, words, and mixed media.  There is a childlike sophistication that speaks to all ages. Each painting has a deeper meaning than what you initially see. She invites the viewer to come closer and take a glimpse in to her internal landscape with the hopes that the viewer will connect on a deeper level with themselves. 

Jane's paintings are done on either canvas or 140 lb cold press water color paper using acrylics and mixed media. The originals are all for sale, as well as beautiful giclee prints of the originals, which come with a mat, in a variety of standard sizes,  ready to be framed. Contact Jane for pricing and size options.   

Fine quality archival prints are available in my Etsy Shop!