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About Jane Rourke


My path to becoming a painter has never been a direct and straight line. Over the years, I've been a prolific maker of many things: hand painted furniture, weaving, jewelry design, journals, hand beading, just to name a few. If something calls to me, I want to jump right in and immerse myself in the creative process. Although I have my BFA from Villanova University, it took me a few decades and lots of life experiences to really grow as an artist. Sometimes life throws us a few curve balls and it has been my gift of creativity that has helped me grow and heal the most. In 2019, I underwent treatment for a very aggressive form of breast cancer. In 2020, the pandemic hit. In 2021, I lost a brother and both parents within 9 months. What I have learned over all these years is that I am happiest and most fulfilled when I am making art that helps not only myself but others heal as well. Life is a journey, and a beautiful one at that. 

Back in college, painting was my focus but I really discovered my painting voice again when my husband and I were hand building a large stone wall in the front of our house in 2014. We connected with so many people while we worked outside that knew I wanted to contribute something that would continue to connect people in person long after the stone wall was finished. So I asked my husband to build a little free library next to the wall when the project was complete.  I painted our first library in bright colors and whimsical patterns. Then we built a triple decker castle library next to it for children. Before long, I was doing commissioned work and donating a library to a local children's hospital. One day it occurred to me that I could translate my same painting style from a library box to canvas and works on paper. I discovered an amazing vehicle to explore my inner landscape. Since then, I've been exhibiting and selling my work in a variety of venues and juried shows. 
My paintings are done on both canvas and 140 pound cold press watercolor paper using acrylics, markers, pastels, pens, and all kinds of ephemera. Words, maps, and numbers are very prominent in my art. 
My other passion, besides painting, is designing and weaving beautiful, one-of-a-kind hand beaded jewelry. I find that beads and paint are very similar to each other in terms of the endless possibilities for patterns, textures, and colors. Very often, one medium will inspire me to create a new work in the other medium.
I live outside of Philadelphia with my husband Breen and our two dogs, Jack and Coco. 

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